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Jordi Rosés and Clàudia Lloret operate a professional Printmaking Studio specializing in intaglio and other printmaking methods. As owner/operators of Murtra Edicions, they have worked with and printed for artists since 1991, creating plates and printing editions and special collections. They have taught courses locally and have been invited to teach in Europe and in northern Canada. They have published prints, artists’ portfolios and books for individual artists as well as publishers, museums, galleries and private companies.


The Art Print Residence provides accommodation for printmakers and other visual artists, writers and poets while they research and create their work at the studio. The rural setting provides a quiet space for you to live and work. You'll have the freedom to create your own work or participate in a variety of courses and seminars.


The living spaces, residency and studio are housed on three separate floors of Jordi and Claudia's lovely home. They are surrounded by a small garden, that hosts several special but shy turtle guests.


The house is located in Arenys de Munt, approximately 30 minutes from Barcelona and 45 from Girona by road.  Arenys de Mar, the adjoining seaside town, is within walking distance and where you can catch local transport to Barcelona.

Art Print Residence offers the convenience of being close to the city with the peace and quiet of a rural setting.




Individual residencies 
Grup residencies


Residence to develop a printmaking project
Residence with technical assistance
Residence to learn specific techniques 


1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
1 month
2 month or more   


Lodging  - from the 2nd week
Workshop - from the 4th week
Lodging and workshop - for longer residencies
Artists who has been in Art Print Residence before - special discounts in all modalities



  Ask for your personal budget
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Mokulito Technique course by Ewa Budka

NEW CALL    8th to 12th August 2016   2 vacants only

art print residence


Art Print Residence
Murtra Edicions

C/Ramon Llull 1
08358 Arenys de Munt
Barcelona Spain
Phone, Fax 34 937938397

Phone, Whatsapp 34+ 672416404

contact: Ariadna Abadal

Jordi Rosés: Director and Master Platemaker
Clàudia Lloret: Art Director and Master Printer




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